Home is where the movies are. (That's how the saying goes, right?)

Everyone needs a home. Even film festivals. In fact, venues aren’t given nearly enough credit with their contribution to a festival's identity. Let me tell you why.


Consider Sundance: it has always taken place in the small, mountainside ski-town of Park City, Utah. Thousands of people pour in for the festival, increasing the city’s population by at least A THIRD each January (that’s a lot). But quaint locale equals insider charm. If you can afford to spare time away from work and regular life, it’s quite the experience to visit with like-minded movie-watchers and be surrounded by all things Sundance all the time. It’s an escape and a lot of fun.

Of course, it’s an incredible privilege to run away to the mountains for a weekend or two. It’s one that the majority of us would not find practical. But! We can still have this experience on a smaller scale. So many film festivals offer their own, pared-down version of this close-knit vibe - Other Worlds included!

Galaxy Photo Mar 27, 9 37 56 AM.jpg

A long, long time ago, in December 2014, Galaxy Highland Theatre took a fledgling film festival under its wing, agreeing to host the very first Other Worlds Austin. After two years we experienced so much growth that we moved to Flix Brewhouse for the extra resources they provided. But since then, Galaxy Highland has undergone a state-of-the-art renovation and we are so excited to return to our original home venue. The important things have stayed the same (cozy cineplex charm, our favorite Indian restaurant around the corner, and an address within Austin city limits). But the exciting changes (plush new seats, improved concessions with beer and wine (!), and many more dining options within walking distance) have made it an easy choice to return.

Galaxy Photo Mar 27, 10 01 15 AM.jpg

The main draw of any festival is the communal experience. If you just wanted to watch a movie, you could go to any theatre, (or your laptop) and get your fix. We exist to provide you with fellow film buffs, SciFi nerds, and visiting filmmakers who come to us because they want to talk to our awesome fans! You can be as involved as you want in the films you see, and can count yourself as one of the first audiences to see the most innovative independent genre films being created.

Get your tickets now for the first Other Worlds Orbiter screening back at the Galaxy! It’s the Texas premiere of AXCELLERATOR, with director David Giancola in attendance and doing a Q&A after the film.