I Got Wormholed!

It was like any other Other Worlds marketing meeting: creative ideas were being thrown back and forth about what the blog series should be about to promote the upcoming screening of SPEED OF LIFE. And then, just as I was going to respond with my blog idea, I turned around right into a wormhole.


The movies got it all wrong when it comes to traveling through a wormhole. I wasn’t in an empty space, it didn’t feel like a blink of an eye, and there were no crazy lights flashing. No, it was me and a bunch of worms. Who knew? They seemed to know all the secrets to the galaxy and were eager to share them with me, but I just couldn’t handle how icky they were and asked to be dropped off at the next stop.

The whole trip felt like two hours, although the last thirty minutes felt like an eternity. It was awkward after telling them I was uncomfortable being around them. They just made fun of my skeleton and my emotions. It was their laughter that really irked me to the core. It sounded like boots stuck in mud.

The next stop was twenty-five years in the future. They told me that in one day I could catch the wormhole back to 2019 in that same spot. Unfortunately, it was in a park restroom. I’m so happy it was not occupied when I arrived.


What does future Austin look like? Pretty much the same except much more crowded. All I had to do was stay busy for twenty-four hours and then I’d be home free. I was ecstatic to find out that Other Worlds Film Festival was happening on the day I was there. How convenient! I could not run into my wife or child because in present time, I don’t know the sex of the baby and I don’t want to have that spoiled in the future.

I walk into the Galaxy theater and see a familiar face. Bears! She sees me and gives me a hug. I explained the wormhole thing and it apparently became an epidemic and I was one of the first to walk into one. After the Great Worm War most of the holes were closed, and only a few pop up in cool dry places. Considering it is 115 degrees everyday in the future, there are not many cool dry places for the holes.

What is Other Worlds like in 2044? It is no longer a film festival, it’s a film experience. You go into small rooms and become a part of the films you watch. Just kidding, it is also pretty much the same. Great independent films being shared with a community of genre buffs and SciFi lovers. Why write this blog about a future that isn’t much different than today? Why didn’t I use my SciFi knowledge and go get lottery numbers or a sports almanac? Because I spent the day doing what I love, watching genre films with other nerds. Although some of them had tentacles.

Time-travel dramedy SPEED OF LIFE makes its Texas Premiere with Other Worlds Orbiter on Wednesday, August 28th (7:30pm) at Galaxy Highland Theatre. Tickets available now!