Outreach Director Wants to Fill Your Holes. (No, not like that.)

Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the North American Premiere of YESTERDAY LAST YEAR on Wednesday, June 21 at Flix Brewhouse. 

In the film, Michael, a driven research scientist working on time travel theory, spends all his time in the garage ‘lab’ trying to perfect a device. Sandra, his wife, is at the bottom of his priority list. Only his friend and associate, James, seems to get Michael’s full attention. But which version of his friend is it, and which version of his wife? A love triangle caught in the circle of time, YESTERDAY LAST YEAR is about the mistakes we make and how far we’re willing to go to fix them.

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In honor of the character Michael’s DIY grit, plus an added dash of inspiration from creepy Tom Waits tune “What’s He Building” (because
obviously), the OWA team is sharing stories of other garage creations…

Next, Outreach Director Tessa Morrison wants to fill your holes (No, not like that. Come on. Get your mind out of the gutter and into the garage.)

Other Worlds Austin's Outreach Director, Tessa Morrison, hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks. Which is odd for this normally outgoing social butterfly; no status updates, no emails, no cosplay Instagram posts, no Facebook messages with links to cat videos, nothing. Where is she and what is she up to? Did she choke on some microwaved meal and now lies dead on her floor with the house cat eating her face? Did she slip in her incredibly tiny shower? Fall down some stairs while balancing pottery on her head? Get abducted by aliens? Eaten by wild boar? We aren't sure, but we are going to find out. 
After some fervent investigating (see: driving by her house for the first time), loud noises can be heard emanating from the garage. The sounds are a cacophony of banging and clanging noises, like a couple of skeletons making love in a tin coffin. And just as the din reaches a fever pitch, IT STOPS. We apprehensively approach the garage door and sheepishly knock on it, instantly feeling stupid that we thought she was eaten by wild boar when obviously she has been battling a robot in her garage. We hear a muffled "HOLD ON" from inside as the garage door slowly chugs open to reveal OWA's Outreach Director covered in grease wearing coveralls, a bandanna, and goggles, walking around a large device.  

We can't believe it ...it's a, it's a, well...we don't know what it is. 

Concerned OWA staff: What is it?
Tessa: A plot hole filler. 
Concerned OWA staff: A what?
Tessa: You heard me, it fills holes....in plots. 
Confused OWA staff: ::stares::
Tessa: Okay, okay...say you are watching a movie with a gaping hole in the plot...you just flip this switch, then take this hose with a camera at the end and set it in front of the TV playing the movie. It then processes the problematic narrative and spits out an explanation or solution over here.
::points to end that looks like a printer:::
There is even an S.B. option to have it hook wirelessly to IMDB.com's Pro site and get the movie writer's address to send them a physical copy. 
Confused OWA Staff: S.B.? 
Tessa: Smug Bastard. 
Back to Concerned OWA Staff: Oh. Uhhhh..what's that?
::We look over to a corner and see a metal crane with a hook at the end covered in flashy blinking lights:: 
Tessa: That? It's a prototype for a device that helps with fishing out red herrings. Don't pay any mind to it though, it's not important to what we are doing here. Well, love to chat more but I really must get started on my next device.
OWA Staff: What's that? 
Tessa: A McGuffin-Matic. You just place ordinary objects in it and the McGuffin-Matic imbues it with special powers, makes it pivotal to life events somehow, or just makes it look spiffier. Still trying to work the kinks out. WELP. Talk to you all more later. BUH-YEE!
::shoos us out of the garage and shuts the door behind us and the noises commence::

We deemed this a successful fact-finding mission. Our Outreach Director is not dead, but has lost her mind and possibly pissed off several screenwriters. As we leave we start thinking about possible objects to bring back to throw in the McGuffin-Matic.