Seven Sisters Summer Camp

Seven Sisters Summer Camp

We WILL be holding our popular diving classes as usual, despite Dr. Brooks’ disappearance earlier this year.  Our instructors are highly trained and take every precaution to ensure the kids’ safety.  In the 34 years since the Camp was founded, only 6 incidents have occurred during diving classes.

Welcome to the Church of the Renewed Spirit

Our growing community offers a safe haven for anyone and everyone to learn how to balance the inner self with our external worlds- past, present, and future. We strive to live in a new world communal consciousness of sharing on all levels: socially, economically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Everyone shares in the honor of responsibilities and the fruits of our collective labor.

Our large sanctuary houses all our members as well as providing comfortable lodging for our visitors.  Each dorm room is assigned to one of the clean, communal bathrooms.  The Great Hall is perfect for group discussions and interpersonal growth.  Many of our leaders’ spiritual texts are kept in the Library.  The Chapel is for night time meditation, candle and purification ceremonies, and also houses the Shrine to all our past Spirit members.  The family kitchen features two large brick ovens and plenty of space for helping hands.

Just steps away is our organic family garden that is always focused on nature’s rhythm of in-season fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  We work hard to make sure our home is sustainable while respecting nature’s own balance.  Two barns share a beautiful pasture and are home to five cows, three goats, 15 chickens, and two peaceful herding dogs that keep a good watch.  Our animals are free to walk the fenced pasture during daylight, fed an organic vegetarian diet, protected, and happy.

Our surrounding land also holds a beautiful and mystical forest that is home to some of the oldest trees and souls in the region and a friendly wildlife population that can be seen during the daytime.  A small natural clearing has a little stone altar that can be used for daytime nature offerings.  The night fog is to be feared and left alone as it travels to Spirit Lake and back.  Only members ordered to tremble in the purification cages are to be outside of the sanctuary after daylight and the doors are locked for the night.

The center of our community is the healing, cleansing, and renewing powers of the waters of Spirit Lake, upon which our peaceful home sits.  We hold group baptism ceremonies every day at sunrise and everyone is encouraged to find a time during daylight to have solo meditations with the water. The Lake and the Spirits in it are always treated with the most respect.  The Lake is life.  The Lake is death.  The Lake is our Source.

Our community celebrates the Lake with many sacred days throughout the year.  Our most precious ceremony pays tribute to the Spirits of the Lake with a living contribution. The honored senior member becomes one of our Spirit protectors and our Source grows more powerful.  The Source does not take without giving back to us and we are eternally blessed.

Learn more about how to join or visit our community, or how to schedule and prepare for a baptism ceremony here.

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