“I had the best time at Other Worlds Austin. I couldn't believe how many people came out to see the short film blocks. The horror shorts were playing opposite the closing night film and we still had a packed house. The team that runs the fest is so great and organized and they throw great Q&As. The filmmaker events are super fun and appropriately boozy. I met so many cool genre filmmakers who just wanted to chat, so much so that after the closing night party a group of us went back to the hotel and talked sci-fi and horror until almost 3 in the morning. Flix Brewhouse as a venue is outstanding. Huge screens; great projection and sound. 5 out of 5. Like. Subscribe. Can't wait to go back.” - Jake Jarvi; writer/director, OXFORD COMA

“It's a really wonderful festival with a great audience turnout. The OWA team are really rad and nice group of people and it was such a delight meeting and coordinating with them. They also scored an excellent venue at the Flix Brewhouse. Austin really has a great community of sci-fi enthusiasts, so I really can't wait to come back to this festival with a new film soon.” - Gabriel de Urioste, PROGRAM

“This is a delightful fest run by energetic fun folks. The programming was great, the audiences were full, and I had a great time even in the pouring rain!” - Charles Pieper; writer/director, MALACOSTRACA

“What a great Austin fest that really takes care of the filmmakers every step of the way. Phenomenal communication and organization. Never felt nervous about our screenings as it all ran smoothly.
The organizers (Bears, Jordan, Dan and the rest of the team) were enthusiastic about each film and are huge fans of sci-fi and horror genres. They filled the theaters and promoted the event online and with local papers. Bravo. Will return in a heartbeat.”
- David Allensworth; writer/director, SOUL TO KEEP

“It was a great film festival! It was confident, friendly, well organized. Everyone was supposed to help filmmakers and public. I had the chance to talk to another fellows filmmakers, with audience. Another film festival programmers were attending and that was awesome. I am grateful to all people who received me. The best. Long live and prosper to this film festival.” - Hugo Felix Mercado; director, CYGNUS

“Great festival with great people. I'll always submit my films here!” - Phil Bucci; writer/director,

“I couldn't attend OWA this year unfortunately, but I had an overwhelmingly positive experience communicating with the festival programmers and staff, particularly Jordan, Bears and Dan. I was honored to have my short horror film (it's not just a sci-fi fest!) screen with these guys, and I can't wait to submit again and hopefully make the trip out to experience the fest firsthand.”
-Michael Bartolomeo; writer/director, SOLVED

“A top notch genre film festival. The festival directors and staff do an amazing job to make the filmmakers feel welcome. With an excellent selection of films, high quality and sold out screenings, great panels and a wonderful opportunity to network with other filmmakers this is bound to become one of the best genre festivals around! I am very fortunate to have been selected to screen my film at OWA and I would highly encourage other genre filmmakers to submit.”
-Catya Plate; writer/director, MEETING MACGUFFIN

“A truly exceptional festival. OWA balanced an intimate feeling ideal for meaningful conversations and networking with a truly world class slate of films, industry guests, and social events. After screening at OWA, my film began receiving a flurry of acceptances at other festivals, attesting to its influence. It's no surprise that it's growing so quickly, and should rapidly become one of the top genre festivals worldwide. Highly recommended.”
-Eric McEver; writer/director, PALEONAUT

"This festival was a true treat. The team is great, supportive, and has excellent taste in film. The venue is beyond belief in how awesome it is. Top notch projection and there is nothing cooler than getting food and beers while watching great films. The films they did program were an awesome mix of new films that deserve to be seen by audiences and classics that are worth seeing on the big screen again. A total blast all around and can't wait to go back with our next film." -Matt Braunsdorf; writer/director, JOHN THE CARPENTER

"Awesome festival made by true Other Worlds / Under Worlds film lovers!!!"
-Tibo Pinsard; writer/director, STRIPES

"This is a gorgeous festival that is organised brilliantly, communicated brilliantly, has packed out houses full of brilliant audiences, there isn't a downside. 0ur film was in superb company, the standard is high, you will meet excellent people from all over kthem States and beyond. If you have a sci-fi film you must submit here. Totally brilliant. In all regards." -Dan Horrigan; writer, POPULACE

We were honoured to have our short, CATCH, selected by Other Worlds - though we were gutted not to be able to attend the festival in person. All of the communication we had with the festival organisers was superb - a really well-run festival, put together by people who truly love genre film.
-Paul Cooke; co-writer/director, CATCH

We loved being a part of the Other Worlds Austin festival (2016). It's one of those festivals choreographed by people who have a depth love of film and want to be part of building the future. The team are amazing at making you feel welcome. Really wonderfully communicative and supportive throughout and beyond the festival. We have already fielded inquiries from other festivals as a direct result of screening with OWA. We just want to say thank you so much and congratulations to Bears and Jordan and the rest of the OWA team of selectors and coordinators. Can't wait to make something for you next year!" -Steven Kelleher; writer, BEAUTIFUL DREAMER

Excellent across the board. This is a great fest run by passionate filmmakers who truly care. Highly recommended! -Steve Desmond; writer/director, MONSTERS

"I next brought the film to our first genre festival, Other Worlds Austin. Only in its second year, the festival was small in scale but big in heart and festival team spirit. Only at Other Worlds would I end up taking photos with someone else also wearing a Star Trek uniform. It was great to show our science fiction film to a crowd made up entirely of sci-fi fans, who really got it. Embers was the Closing Night Film and had the honor to win the Inaugural Mary Shelley Award. Our actress Greta Fernández won Best Actress in a Feature Film. The most touching moment of my festival experiences so far came from an audience member at Other Worlds Austin who had previously experienced amnesia after coming out of a coma. He told me that my film captured the confusion of what it felt like to not remember and to feel glimmers of meaning without being able to hold onto something specific. He insisted that I needed to keep making movies because he wanted to see them."
-Claire Carré; director/co-writer, EMBERS

"Other Worlds Austin was a blast! Great audiences, movies, and afterparties/hangover brunches. The festival staff were so awesome and supportive -- and were directly responsible for getting me the drunkest I've been in years! And the city of Austin was amazing -- lovely people, delicious food (especially tacos), and just fun to walk around and experience because there's so much to do. Hope to be back with our next film!" -Jaron Henrie-McCrea; director, CURTAIN

"This has been one of the best festivals I have ever attended and screened my film at. The theater is always full, and mostly of fans of science fiction. They have great events for the film makers, accommodations that are close by, and best of all, an amazing selection of films. You will find OWA Alumni as some of the best in the circuit. I could not give this festival a higher rating. Bears Fonte is an incredibly experienced festival director, and has selected a wonderful team who are passionate, talented, and dedicated to this festival. You would be mistaken not to submit your sci-fi films here."
-Willem Kampenhout; writer/director, THE SURFACE

"Last year I was incredibly humbled that my debut feature film, APT 3D, was invited to make its World Premiere at Other Worlds Austin. Festival Director, Bears Fonte, and the other programmers genuinely know and love their sci-fi and went out of their way to make all of us filmmakers feel welcome. The sold out festival took place in a fantastic theater, the Galaxy Highland, and the digital exhibition method they used made for a successful, stress-free screening. We got some amazing press exposure from local and national outlets that is now helping us in the process of securing distribution for the film. I couldn't have imagined a better festival in a better city to launch our movie and I will forever be grateful to OWA for giving us the chance to do so!"
-Zack Imbrogno; writer/director, APT 3D

“We had our World Premiere at the Other World Austin Film Festival - so nice to have a Science Fiction/Fantasy Genre specific festival available to filmmakers.   We played to a packed house in a fantastic multiplex and had a great time interacting with the organizers and the fans who showed up.  Plus Austin is a wonderful city - Definitely believe the hype - Eat BBQ and watch awesome Sci -Fi and fantasy films - what could be better?”
-Steven Ayromlooi; writer/director, THE SUN DEVIL AND THE PRINCESS

“On a circuit where most fantastic-oriented festivals skew towards horror, Other Worlds Austin was the SciFi oasis. The programming was solidly curated and appropriately mind-bending. The staff and volunteers genuinely cared, and as filmmakers we felt appreciated and celebrated. I hope to be back!”
-Bradley King; director/co-writer, 

"Other Worlds Austin welcomed The Perfect 46 with open arms. As a big fan of science fiction, the festival continued to entertain and surprise me with each film and event we attended!” -Brett Ryan Bonowicz; 
writer/director, THE PERFECT 46