Island of Lost Souls (1932), dir. Erle C. Kenton

Technology with Unexpected Consequences

Eric C. Kenton | USA | 70 min

Writers: Waldemar Young, Philip Wylie, based on a novel by H.G. Wells
Cast: Charles Laughton, Kathleen Burker & Bela Lugosi

World Premiere of an original score by Jay Woelfel with composer in attendance. This Paramount Pictures 1932 black and white classic was the first film adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, about an obsessed scientist who is secretly conducting surgical experiments on animals on a remote island. In addition to the score, this HD restoration is presented with a new full mix using other period sound FX and dynamics that weren't possible in the early 1930's.


Full film: Not available yet.