still from The Phoenix Project, Tyler Pavey dir

The OW Staff at the 2018 festival

The OW Staff at the 2018 festival

Indie at its heart, Other Worlds is the premier SciFi film festival in the USA, with five years running of sold out screenings, over a dozen World and North American Premieres, and filmmakers from all over the world in attendance.

In 2016 we added Horror to the mix with Under Worlds, with the same careful curatorial eye that has consistently received rave reviews from audiences and press alike.

Other Worlds was selected 'Best of Austin' by the Austin Chronicle, and labelled 'Best Visions of the Future.' Screening at a professional theater, our films play on DCP with 5.1 sound on giant screens, offering an experience few festivals can rival.

Our Mission

Other Worlds is the premier SciFi Film Festival in the USA, championing filmmakers and writers and bringing the best films to the Geek Capital of the World. With a diverse and approachable team of programmers, we are building a network of SciFi fans and filmmakers, leading a loyal community, and launching SciFi films into the wider world.

“When I die, I’m leaving my body to science fiction.”
— Steven Wright, Droll Funny Guy


Other Worlds seeks to become an indispensable part of the filmmaking community in Austin, as well as the SciFi community in the larger world.  We aim to be the definitive destination festival in the US for Science Fiction Filmmaking, to bring SciFi fans from all over the country to Austin, TX, as well as to continue to be a must-submit festival for any serious SciFi filmmaker. With our well-curated and focused program, we strive to bring national coverage and industry recognition to our filmmakers. In addition, we remain committed to collaborating with other festivals, arthouse theaters, and community groups to benefit our filmmakers and bring their films maximum exposure.