Wristband First Access: Don't Miss Out

OWA wristbands are going on sale soon – sometime in July – and there will only be a limited number available. Sign up today at www.otherworldsaustin.com/wristbands and you’ll be notified right as wristbands go on sale.  While this doesn’t guarantee you a wristband, it will greatly increase your odds.  Wristbands will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Securing your wristband is important because it guarantees you a seat at each screening time. For only $35 you will get to see a minimum of ten screenings, both features and shorts programs.  And every single film will be an Austin premiere!

Also, OWA promises not oversell the festival.  We will only sell the number of wristbands that we have seats available.  There’s only one rule you need to remember: be on time. Your seat is guaranteed as long as you arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes before the screening time. If not, you will have to go to the end of the general admission line – and they will be buying individual tickets to any open seat.

Signing up is fast and easy, so why put it off?  There is no commitment to buy – although when wristbands go on sale, you won’t want to wait long if you want one.  So sign up to have first access.

Be the first to be notified when wristbands go on sale. And enjoy the festival!

Be the first notified when wristbands go on sale.

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Note: Adding your name to this list does not guarantee you a wristband, just that you will be notified before wristbands go on sale.


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Wristband Policy

  • Each wristband guarantees the wristband holder a seat at each screening time.  For the 2014 festival, there will be 10 screening times, showing both features and shorts.  OWA promises not to oversell the festival.  We will only sell the number of wristbands that we have seats available. 
  • You must be in line 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each screening in order to have your seat guaranteed, and you must be wearing your wristband.  All wristband holders will be sat before any individual tickets are sold.  If a wristband holder arrives after the 15-minutes-prior time, they will have to go to the end of the general admission line.  The people in the general admission line will be buying individual tickets to the screening and filling any open seat.  There may not be any seats available by the time the late wristband holder reaches the front of the line. 
  • Wristbands are transferable but irreplaceable.  After you pick up your wristband, you can give it to anyone you like.  Can't make it to a screening?  Hand your wristband off to a friend.  Just be sure to get it back before you want to go to screenings again.  No wristband holder will be allowed into a screening without a wristband.  If you lose your wristband, or give it to a friend, or leave it at home, or if you are abducted by aliens and the only thing they take is your wristband, it will still not be replaced.  We are expecting all wristbands to be sold out by the day the festival begins. It is unlikely that additional wristbands will be available for sale. Once you have received your wristband, we are no longer responsible for it.  So the take away is, once you pick up your wristband, it's your responsibility.
  • Wristbands can only be picked up by the person designated at the time of purchase, in person.  They will not be sent via mail.  Wristbands will be available for pickup before our first screening on Thursday, December 4th in the lobby of the Galaxy Theater. They will continue to be available for pickup in this location throughout the run of the festival until our final screening on Saturday, December 6th.
  •  If you are purchasing the wristband for another person, that person must be listed on the order.  If you are unsure of who will be using the purchased wristband, please purchase it under your own name and hand it over to whomever you wish during the run of the festival. If you are purchasing multiple wristbands on one order, they must be picked up by one designated person (designated on the order), and can be distributed to the members of your party after pickup. If you wish to have multiple parties picking up their wristbands at different times, they must be purchased individually by each festival attendee.
  • All sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges under any circumstances. Wristbands purchased cannot be rolled over to the 2015 OWA Festival, they are only applicable to the 2014 festival. 
  • By purchasing this wristband, you and anyone receiving a wristband from this order are agreeing to the above policy without exception.  In regards to all issues not expressly provided for in this policy or which require interpretation of the policy, the decisions of the Other Worlds Austin authorities or the designated representative shall be binding on all parties.