Film Colossus to Sponsor Short Film Award at Other Worlds Austin

Austin, TX – Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is proud to announce a new partnership with Film Colossus, a unique feedback service for filmmakers and screenwriters. Film Colossus will provide the 2015 Other Worlds Austin Short Film Audience Award winner with a comprehensive Audience Response Analysis. Five randomly selected Short Film entrants will also receive this analysis.

“I am really excited to have Film Colossus as a partner this year,” says Bears Fonté, OWA Founder and Director of Programming. “Chris Lambert and the rest of the Film Colossus team have a special way of breaking down films. I felt like I realized new things about films I had seen five times before when I read their coverage of the 2014 Other Worlds Austin festival. I know that filmmakers will take away a new understanding of their own work as well after Film Colossus analysis, and they’ve very generously offered this service as a door prize to a few randomly selected entries.”

The analysis will include the full Film Colossus treatment which is based on how viewers will respond, not what a group of film critics might think. The detailed and comprehensive analysis (generally 20-30 pages) breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of a film’s narrative, character and thematic arcs, as well as mise-en-scene elements. No detail is too small to be analyzed if it affects the story, characters, or tone of a film.

2015 OWA Film Submission Deadlines:

Regular Deadline: July 31st ($35 shorts, $45 features)

Late Deadline: September 30th ($40 shorts, $50 features)

Other Worlds Austin features award-winning SciFi shorts from around the world. All selected short films receive an Austin premiere in front of eager audiences. The Audience Award winner will receive a $500 cash prize in addition to the Audience Response Analysis from Film Colossus.

Film Colossus serves as a connection between filmmakers and viewers—a middle person who understands both sides of the equation. “We assist during any point in the filmmaking process…” says Film Colossus Co-Founder, Chris Lambert. “…pre-production with script development, production with analysis of dailies, post-production with rough cut assessment, or even when your film is finished in order to help you conquer your next project.”

“Chris and I have done some work together before on the journalism circuit and he never fails to surprise me with his insight and depth,” says Fonté. “I can’t wait to read what Film Colossus writes about our 2015 films.”


About Film Colossus

Co-founded by Chris Lambert and Travis Bean, Film Colossus represents a new wave of film criticism that goes beyond a synopsis and review. It is also a resource for filmmakers that shines a light on smaller, festival films that don’t get a lot of attention but have great qualities that can be learned from. With a slew of podcasts, interviews, and reviews, Film Colossus cracks open the inner world of film.  And by making connections with film festivals and people in the business, Film Colossus provides insights in to where filmmakers should send their films. For more information, go to


About Other Worlds Austin

Other Worlds Austin is dedicated to bringing the best of SciFi to Austin, Texas. The festival programming team looks past budgets or the Hollywood push to find great stories and give them an Austin premiere. In addition to its year ‘round programming, the 2nd Annual Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival takes place December 3-5, 2015 at the Galaxy Highland 10. For more information, go to