Other Worlds Austin Presents CAPSULE, a Texas Premiere

AUSTIN, TX -- As part of its Orbiter Year-Round Series, Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is excited to present the Texas premiere of the SciFi thriller CAPSULE on Wednesday, September 21 (9:00pm) at Flix Brewhouse. Writer/Director Andrew Martin and Producer Paul Forrest will do a Q&A via Skype after the screening.

In the award-winning film set in the cold war, a dysfunctional space capsule orbits the earth, losing oxygen, with a helpless British astronaut suffering Hypoxia locked inside. With limited contact from his own team, he must turn to the deeply suspicious Russians and Americans for help, nations who don’t even know he’s up there.

One Man, One Mission, One Choice... Who will he Trust?


Training for three years under the cloud of Cold War secrecy, Guy captains Britain's first manned space flight. Now miles above the earth’s surface, alone in space in a malfunctioning capsule leaking oxygen, must rely on his wits from his days as a fighter pilot to survive. Suffering hypoxia and out of contact with his own flight control, he has no one to turn to but the very nations his mission was kept secret from, the US and Soviet Russia.  As his capsule continues to come apart jeopardizing his safe re-entry, Guy must decide whether or not to trust the voices he hears.

“I caught this film at its World Premiere at SciFi London,” says Bears Fonté, OWA Founder and Artistic Director, “where it played to a sold out house and an endless standing ovation. I had to bring it to Austin. I love it because it has all the danger and tension of something like GRAVITY, but its fifty years earlier so the technology just barely works. Plus no one knows anything yet.  This is the earliest days of the Space Race. Add to that the political intrigue of the Cold War and you have a great backdrop for a film.”

“Creating a Cold War-contained thriller was an intense experience,” says Writer/Director Andrew Martin. “I have previously experimented with single location short films before so when the concept for CAPSULE came around, I jumped at the chance to develop the idea into the 50’s thriller it is now."

The challenge brought about by having such a confined space inside the CAPSULE set meant the filmmakers had to go back to old school techniques. Martin explains: “Myself and my talented DOP Felix Forrest came up with new ways of using front projection and camera trickery to create some awe inspiring visuals. From the outset I had a clear vision on the look of the film. As the film is set in 1959, I wanted it to look of that period. We tested lenses, colors for the set and costume to define elements of the 50’s. A lot of the items in the set were from period accurate RAF aircraft.”

“As an example of indie filmmaking,” says Fonté, “CAPSULE is amazing and really showcases what can be done on limited means and still look like a studio film. At the center of the film is a star-making performance from Edmund Kingsley, who is on screen for 95% of the film. He’s also the son of Sir Ben Kingsley so I think you are going to be seeing a lot of this actor in the future.” 

“I was, and am extremely impressed by [Edmund’s] talent,” says Martin. “He brought his all to set everyday while cramped inside a 6ft capsule barely big enough for him to fit into. He really brought to life Guy Taylor, creating a mesmerizing, captivating and intense character you will want to see.”

Other Worlds Austin has secured a 4K print of the film which will look amazing. Says Fonté, “Every filmmaker who has come in this year has said their screening at Flix has been the best their film has ever looked.”



Edmund Kingsley as Guy Taylor

Born on July 5, 1982 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, Edmund graduated RADA in 2003 and followed his father’s footsteps into acting. In addition to numerous television drama roles, he has most recently appeared in ‘Hugo’, ‘Allies’ and ‘Stonehearst Asylum’.

Lisa Greenwood as Lotte Taylor

Lisa played the regular role of Sissy Cooper in the BBC Two show ‘The Hour’. She recently played the part of Shirley Dent in the BBC One acclaimed series ‘Call The Midwife’. Other credits include ‘Hacks’ for Channel 4 and ‘Eastenders’, ‘Casualty’ for the BBC. she also plays Doctor's Companion Flip in the ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Adventures for BigFinish/BBC.

Andrew Martin, Writer/Director

Andrew is a writer and director and has been a shooting director for five years, working on a multitude of different projects, from Vietnam war films, to TV commercials, idents for ITV and Short Films. He started off in the film industry back in 2002 working as a model maker and special effects technician on films like DIE ANOTHER DAY and TOMB RAIDER II before working through the ranks to become a writer and director. Andrew has numerous commercials, short films and fashion videos under his belt incorporating his eye for visuals, along with a flair for the vintage.

Paul Forrest, Producer

Paul is an experienced filmmaker and producer. His background mixed between business strategy, investment, corporate finance and film means that he has a healthy appreciation for project management, budgetary control and getting the job done on time. Paul ensured that the necessary budget was in place and that it was guarded with a ‘clever filmmaking strategy.’


Interviews and screener available upon request.

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