2016 Screenplay Contest Winners

AUSTIN, TX -- As part of its ongoing mission to encourage work in Science Fiction, Other Worlds Austin held its second annual SciFi Screenplay Contest to reward creativity in its earliest stages and encourage writers to keep working in the genre. The contest is sponsored by No BullScript Consulting.

The contest garnered an impressive array of scripts from all over the country. The Grand Prize winner is the short KEYSTROKE by Tom Sanchez Prunier. Other Worlds Austin congratulates Mr. Sanchez Prunier on his compelling, entertaining, and well-written script.

“Other Worlds Austin is so proud to be supporting the next generation of SciFi storytellers,” says Bears Fonté, OWA Founder and Director of Programming. “Our festival was founded on the idea of story over special effects and when you look at a screenplay, what’s on the page is all you see. Last year's scripts were packed with world-building and creative ideas and I am excited to see these winners start their journey into becoming fully realized on screens. We are proud to add these writers to the Other Worlds alumni."

2016 Other Worlds Austin Screenplay Winners

Screenplay Short

KEYSTROKE by Tom Sanchez Prunier

Two roommates clean up their new apartment after the previous tenant – a hoarder – and find a computer with a journal of all history that they can edit in any way they please.


Screenplay Teleplay

PRETERNATURAL - “Flight of the Godwits” by Joe Acton

When a migratory flock of birds carries a deadly species-jumping virus from Asia to North America, humans and animals must work together using their inherent knowledge and skills to conquer the virus that is killing them all.


Screenplay Feature

DREAM MACHINE by Aaron B. Koontz, Farrell Rose & Cameron Burns

In an attempt to fix his debilitating sleep paralysis, reclusive inventor Miles Decker has developed a machine that allows one to control their dreams. As a new relationship ensues, his dependency on this DREAM MACHINE begins a violent downward spiral blurring the lines of reality and sanity.

 “With KEYSTROKE, Tom Sanchez Prunier paints an entertaining picture of a Sci-Fi world we desire yet should fear,” says Don Elfant, OWA Director of Marketing and Development, “one in which the change of a single keystroke can change history, for better or worse and with extremely unintended consequences. Mr. Sanchez Prunier sets up an entirely relatable world, turns it upside down, and then delivers on an uncompromising conclusion.”

As the Grand Prize winner, Tom Sanchez Prunier (KEYSTROKE) receives a $500 cash prize. Joe Acton (PRETERNATURAL) and Aaron B. Koontz, Farrell Rose & Cameron Burns (DREAM MACHINE) receive a $250 cash prize for winning the Screenplay Teleplay and Screenplay Feature categories respectively.

All winners also receive a Development Notes Phone Consultation with Danny Manus of No BullScript Consulting, a top 15 script consultant according to Creative Screenwriting. In addition, Manus has agreed to offer a $25 discount to all entrants on Consulting Services like Basic and Extensive Studio Notes, Developmental Notes, and TV Pilot Notes. For a full list of services available, go to www.nobullscript.net.


Feedback will be available for all scripts entered at the writers’ request by emailing screenplay@otherworldsaustin.com.


About Danny Manus

Danny Manus is one of the most in-demand script consultants as CEO of No BullScript Consulting (www.nobullscript.net) and author of “No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective.” He was ranked one of the Top 15 “Cream of the Crop” script consultants in CS Magazine and named one of ScreenCraft’s “25 People Writers Should Follow on Twitter”.

Manus was previously the Director of Development for Clifford Werber Productions (Cinderella Story, Sydney White), where he sold “To Oz” to United Artists. He was also Development Consultant for Eclectic Pictures (Lovelace) and the DOD at Sandstorm Films (The Covenant, 8MM2), which had a first look deal at Screen Gems. He is a columnist for ScriptMag, a judge four years running for the PAGE Awards, and has been a speaker at Austin Film Festival, Kansas City Film Fest, and well over a dozen other major writing conferences.


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