Other Worlds Austin Announces 2017 Screenplay Contest Winners

AUSTIN, TX -- As part of its ongoing mission to encourage work in Science Fiction, Other Worlds Austin held its third annual SciFi Screenplay Contest to reward creativity in its earliest stages and encourage writers to keep working in the genre. The contest is sponsored by Save the Cat!® 

Save the Cat!® began as an industry renown screenwriting book by Blake Snyder, published in 2005, and has since grown into a diverse digital and print screenwriting resource.

The contest garnered an impressive array of scripts from all over the country. The Grand Prize winner is the feature script GRAVITATIONAL MASS by Kris Kapp. The Teleplay winner is THE QUENCH by Bryan Abrams and Michael Keller. The Short Screenplay winner is THE TRANSPORTER DEVICE by Alan R. Howcroft. Other Worlds Austin congratulates these outstanding examples SciFi screenwriting is proud to add these writers to the Other Worlds alumni.


2017 Other Worlds Austin Screenplay Winners


Screenplay Feature


A punk loser who could hack anything but a future, risks everything in pursuit of a beautiful off-world agent offering a last chance at redemption in this sci-fi tale of greed and betrayal.

“GRAVITATIONAL MASS utilizes varied and imaginative set pieces and compelling characters, to tell an intricate story about family, duty, failure, and betrayal, making it exactly the kind of thing we look for at Other Worlds,” says Eric Harrelson, OWA Programmer and Screenwriting Director.


Screenplay Teleplay

THE QUENCH by Bryan Abrams and Michael Keller

When machines begin to replace more and more skilled workers, how will society adjust?

“THE QUENCH shows us how advancing technology affects the daily lives of everyone, from the laborers replaced by robots to those who create the replacements,” says Harrelson. “It uses a near future setting to explore our current fears and anxieties.”


Screenplay Short


A young academic recruited to military intelligence learns of a revolutionary technology, which only she can acquire.

“THE TRANSPORTER DEVICE shows how authority uses the threat of technology and the guise of security to exploit the relationship between father and daughter,” says Harrelson.


As the Grand Prize winner, Kris Kapp (GRAVITATIONAL MASS) receives a $500 cash prize.

Each of the category finalists will receive all five books from Save the Cat!® and a copy of Save the Cat!® Story Structure Software 3.0: Structure your screenplay the Save the Cat!® Way. In addition, the winner in the feature category will receive free a 1-hour phone consultation from a Master Cat® about their script (up to 120 pages) and the winners of both the short and teleplay category will receive an hour free consultation to discuss any aspect of their project.

In addition, every entrant received an online discount code for the latest Save the Cat!® books, including the latest, which analyzes independent films.

Feedback will be available for all scripts entered at the writers’ request by emailing screenplay@otherworldsaustin.com.


2017 Other Worlds Austin Screenplay Finalists


Screenplay Feature


PARALLEL by Julia Grubbs

THE LAST PRISON by Richard Geiwitz


Screenplay Teleplay

A SMALL FACET by Tony Park

EUGENNICA by Dan Horrigan

THE QUENCH by Bryan Abrams and Michael Keller


Screenplay Short

DAKOTA CAVES by Robert J. Rogers




ABOUT Save the Cat!® 

In his 20-year career as a screenwriter and producer, Blake Snyder sold dozens of scripts, including co-writing Blank Check, which became a hit for Disney, and Nuclear Family for Steven Spielberg — both million-dollar sales. His book, Save the Cat!®: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need became an instant sensation in screenwriting, and was quickly followed by standing room only workshops. 

The book, now in its 24th printing, and its very specific, assessable structural beat sheet, has become the “secret weapon” of many development executives, managers, and producers for its precise, easy, and honest appraisal of what it takes to write and develop stories that resonate. Although he passed away suddenly in 2009, he lives on in his films and his books and in the countless writers he mentored or who have achieved success by embracing Blake’s ‘Insider’s Guide’ to screenwriting.

Check out more about Blake's principles and examples of great films broken down into the Save the Cat!® beat sheet on www.savethecat.com.


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