Second Wave Announcement + Mary Shelley Jurors

Other Worlds Austin Announces Second Wave

for Fifth Annual SciFi Fest

(With a Helping of Horror)

Austin, TX -- Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival announces a second wave of programming for Austin’s first and only SciFi film festival (Dec 6-9) at Flix Brewhouse.

Films announced include SciFi thriller 2050 (US premiere) and SciFi drama DIMINUENDO (Texas premiere), the Under Worlds Austin Centerpiece THE DEAD CENTER (Texas premiere), horror feature SOUL TO KEEP (Texas premiere), as well as a special 35th anniversary screening of the dystopian BORN IN FLAMES. Other Worlds Austin also announces its jurors for the 2018 Mary Shelley Award.

In its fourth year, the Mary Shelley Award for SciFi Filmmaking is awarded to the best film that furthers the involvement and representation of women in the SciFi genre. This award is sponsored by Canine Productions, producers of award-wining shorts, music videos, and documentaries. 

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Mary Shelley Award Jury for 2018:

Melanie Addington, Executive Director, Oxford Film Festival

Lizzie Borden, Filmmaker (BORN IN FLAMES writer/director)

Jacqueline Coley, Editor, Rotten Tomatoes 

“I’m proud that Other Worlds Austin continues to fire lasers at SciFi’s traditional Gender disparity,” says Bears Rebecca Fonté, OWA Founder and Artistic Director. “This year’s 35th anniversary screening of Lizzie Borden’s rarely seen, indispensable, radical, and strangely timely BORN IN FLAMES is no exception. A manifesto on racism, sexism, and heteronormative culture in an alternative United States socialist democracy, the film appeared two years into the Reagan administration, and sadly, the rights of women today don’t seem all that more advanced.”

“And both 2050 and DIMINUENDO deal head on with the issues of intimacy and physical beauty,” says Fonté, “and the diminishment of women into mere ‘pleasure dolls.’”

Born in Flames Poster IMDB.jpg

Born in Flames

35th Anniversary Screening

Lizzie Borden| USA | 80 min

Writer: Lizzie Borden

Cast: Honey, Adele Bertei, Jean Satterfield

Set ten years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, this film presents a dystopia in which the issues of many progressive groups - minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, feminists - are ostensibly dealt with by the government, and yet there are still problems with jobs, with gender issues, with governmental preference and violence. In New York City, in this future time, a group of women decide to organize and mobilize, to take the revolution farther than any man - and many women - ever imagined in their lifetimes.

2050 Poster IMDB.jpg

2050 (US Premiere)

Technology with Unexpected Consequences

Princeton Holt | USA | 104 min

Writer: Brian Ackley

Cast: Dean Cain, David Vaughn, Irina Abraham

A married video game developer is introduced to a warehouse that customizes androids for human companionship.


Diminuendo (TX Premiere)

Technology with Unexpected Consequences


Adrian Stewart | USA | 106 min

Writer: Sarah Goldberger & Bryn Pryor

Cast: Richard Hatch, Chloe Dykstra, John Champion

A director whose life crumbled when Cello, his Hollywood starlet girlfriend, killed herself, becomes obsessed with a robot designed to replicate her after he's offered the chance to direct the film of Cello's life.

“Under Worlds Austin entry SOUL TO KEEP showcases another group traditionally underserved by genre filmmaking,” explains Fonté, “with deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank in the lead role of the horror film. Throughout the film, Tara and her friends use American Sign Language seamlessly with dialogue in a way never before seen in a traditional genre film. We are excited to work with the local deaf community to organize a special screening of this groundbreaking work.”

Soul To Keep Poster IMDB.jpg

Soul to Keep (TX Premiere)


David Allensworth & Moniere | USA | 94 min

Writer: David Allensworth

Cast: Aurora Heimbach, Sandra Mae Frank, Conor McKenna

Beelzebub, a powerful demon hellbent to possess and consume souls, goes after siblings and their lifelong friends at a rundown country house.

Billy Senese’s THE DEAD CENTER is the 2018 Under Worlds Austin Centerpiece Film. In its third year, Under Worlds Austin is the popular Horror sidebar within Other Worlds Austin.

“The horror of psychological trauma is an endless well of storytelling possibility,” says Jordan Brown, OWA programmer and Associate Artistic Director. “Writer/director Billy Senese delivers a suspenseful, eerily vague, and terrifyingly original twist on the trope. Come for producer/Texas son/indie SciFi mainstay Shane Carruth as leading man, stay for a standout supporting performance from Jeremy Childs and a truly chilling third act that you just HAVE to see.”

The Dead Center Poster IMDB.jpg

The Dead Center (Texas Premiere)

Psychological Horror

Billy Senese | USA | 93 min

Writer: Billy Senese

Cast: Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan, Jeremy Childs

A hospital psychiatrist's own sanity is pushed to the edge when a frightened amnesiac patient insists that he has died and brought something terrible back from the other side.


Interviews and screeners available on request.



About Other Worlds Austin

Other Worlds Austin is one of the premiere SciFi film festivals in the US, championing filmmakers and writers and bringing the best films to the ‘Geek Capital of the World.’

With a diverse and approachable team of programmers, we are building a network of SciFi fans and filmmakers, leading a loyal community, and launching SciFi films into the wider world. 

The fifth installment of Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival will take place at Flix Brewhouse December 6-9, 2018.

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