Announcing Centerpiece Film: TIME LAPSE

Other Worlds Austin, Austin’s first and only festival dedicated to SciFi filmmaking, is proud to announce the Centerpiece Film for the inaugural festival, Time Lapse.  Directed by Bradley King and written by King and BP Cooper, this intense thriller follows three roommates who discover a machine in a neighboring apartment that shoots out a Polaroid image from 24 hours into the future.  Exploiting this information for their personal gain, the friends find themselves caught in a paradoxical loop of cause and effect.  When one of the photos shows their lives threatened, they must figure out how to break out of the cycle, and just what happened to their neighbor.  A Texas Premiere, Time Lapse will play OWA on Friday, December 5th, one of seven features over the course of ten screenings.  Wristbands are on sale for guaranteed seats to all ten screenings for just $45.

“Time Lapse is the perfect showcase for exactly why I started Other Worlds Austin,” says Bears Fonté, Founder and Director of Programming for OWA, “it’s a great story, with a really smart script.  It takes place entirely inside an apartment complex, so it’s not a super high budget film, but these are filmmakers making great use of their resources.”  This is director Bradley King’s first feature, which premiered at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in April.  It has gone on to play a number of high profile festivals, both genre fests and mainstream ones, including Seattle International Film Festival, Fantasia, Flickers in Rhode Island, PiFan, Portland, Sci-Fi London.  “I wanted to make sure audiences in Austin got a chance to see it,” says Fonté, “I think fans of Primer or Coherence or a film I programmed last year for AFF called Frequencies (originally OXV: The Manual) are really going to enjoy this film; it’s a bit of a brainwreck, with a fair dose of hitchcockery thrown in.”

Time Lapse features a phenomenal ensemble of actors including Matt O’Leary (Fat Kid Rules the World), George Finn (LOL), and Danielle Panabaker (“Justified”) and is the first film announced for the fledgling festival.  “We’re still pouring over possibilities for the fest,” says Fonté, but when you see a film this good, and you know you’re going to end up playing it if they are kind enough to let you, then why wait to announce it?”   Submissions are still open until October 1st and the full program will not be announced until November 4th.

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