OWA Announces 2nd Year Round Event: US Premiere of DEAD WITHIN

Kim and Mike drove to their friend’s remote mountain cabin with their baby daughter and pet dog. Months later, the cabin is boarded up.  No power. No food. The other couple, the baby, the dog... all gone.  Or is that the dog outside, snarling, waiting?  Kim and Mike have survived a mysterious pandemic through routine and isolation and unspeakable acts.  Each day Mike ventures out to scavenge for supplies, but any time they open the door or make a noise they invite...whatever is waiting outside.  Kim remains within, alone, armed with just kitchen knives and garden tools. What exactly is going on out there?  Mike won't tell her.  Then a voice crackles over their long forsaken walkie talkie, a forest ranger -- or is Kim just imagining it?  

On September 4th, OTHER WORLDS AUSTIN and MILLENIUM ENTERTAINMENT will bring to Austin the US Premiere of Ben Wagner’s DEAD WITHIN, a post-apocalyptic thriller making its World Premiere ten days earlier at London’s FrightFest.  The OWA Screening, the second in our Year Round Event Series, will take place at the Alamo Village at 9:00 PM.  Tickets will be $6 (plus a $1 Alamo Ticketing Fee) and available through the Alamo Website.

Most of DEAD WITHIN was shot over a 72 hour period.  Armed with their backstory and the first few scenes, the actors were isolated in the cabin and improvised the second act.  Beats were pre-planned and partially scripted, with the actors only provided scripts as the story unfolded.  After a two-day hiatus, the crew returned for four additional days of traditional production during which they shot missing scenes, reaction shots, and whatever was necessary to complete the story.  But in no way is this a found footage film. Experienced camera operators manned two cameras at all times, using remote focus pullers guaranteeing a high quality image and composition throughout.  Working in shifts, and recording almost 24 hours a day at times, the crew had total control of the location.

Writer/Director Ben Wagner will join OWA Director of Programming Bears Fonte for a Q&A after the film, and the first 50 ticket buyers will recieve a limited edition prequel comic illustrated by Alfonso Ruiz.    Following a screening of DARK MOUNTAIN last month, the DEAD WITHIN premiere is the latest in OWA’s non-traditional approach to Year Round Events.  “Our plan is to organize a screening a month,” says Fonte, “but retain the flexibility to jump on something exciting as it presents itself.”  DEAD WITHIN is just that sort of opportunity.  The film will be released on VOD and DVD by Millenium Entertainment on September 9th.  Fonte believes the screening shows the different sort of role OWA can play in the Austin film community.  “We don’t really want get locked into a series of archival screenings,” says Fonte, “we want to find fresh, exciting stories by uncompromising filmmakers, often filled with robots, aliens, and zombies."

Buy tickets here for just $6.