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AMFM: OWA Announces Audience Winner


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Audience Award Winners Time Lapse and One-Minute Time Machine

Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival wrapped up its inaugural season today by announcing its Audience Award winners for 2014. More than 250 films were submitted to the first-time festival. A passionate and engaged audience ultimately had to choose from 11 features and 30 shorts, all Texas premieres.

AMFM: Making the Modern Sci Fi Thriller in TIME LAPSE

Every once in a while I catch a movie that I cannot stop talking about. For me this year that film is TIME LAPSE, a brilliant Hitchcockian suspense film about three roommates who discover a giant camera aimed at their window which spits out a Polaroid of what will happen (in that window) twenty-four hours in the future. The film is a triumph because it manages to tackle a very heady topic (time travel) in an incredibly simple and understandable form, and because it delivers a true genre film with none of the expensive trappings that those undertakings usually require. There are no special effects in Bradley King and B.P. Cooper’s film; in fact, the entire film takes place in an apartment complex, about as un-SciFi as you can get. However, the film succeeds in building a very distinct world with its own particular rules and logic, as all great Sci Fi films do, as well as a great mix of comedy and thriller with a standout cast.