Chris LaMartina

Austin Chronicle: Call Girl of Cthulhu Comes Knocking

"Call Girl of Cthulhu is a straight-ahead homage to the Reagan era of cheap gore and low-brow horror, when the cosmic terrors of H.P. Lovecraft were the genre's magnetic north. A hapless artist (David Phillip Carollo) falls for a prostitute (Melissa O'Brien), but soon finds he has rivals for her affections: namely a Cthulhu cult convinced that she will bear the spawn of the tentacled abomination and usher in a new age of babbling madness.

Blood Over Texas: Cthulhu Gets It On

Where does a ancient deity go to get a date nowadays? eHarmony, OurTime, Nope, he goes straight to his dedicated cult followers to hook him up with a human female to get his freak on and create world-ending spawn. Everyone deserves love right? Even if you’re an evil being that is part giant human, part octopus, and part dragon who likes to go for long swims in the ocean and a fine Chardonnay.