Drive in Zeppelin

Drive In Zeppelin; Other Worlds Austin: 2016 Preview

If you’re scratching your head in disbelief that there’s an entire film festival devoted to science fiction in Central Texas, never fret! Yours truly will give you the inside scoop so you don’t wind up getting blasted into bantha fodder (Note: this is a highly unlikely outcome unless you cut me in line or spill my beer).

Drive-In Zeppelin: The Midnight Swim

Despite Midnight Swim being her first feature film, Smith grasps the importance of storytelling by crafting a haunting exploration of mental illness and raw familial interaction. Her characters are rich with emotional baggage, and the only thing that will likely cut through the film’s thick tension is Ms. Smith’s wit.

Drive-In Zeppelin: Other Worlds Austin 2014

Words cannot describe how much fun I am having right now dear reader, as I wrap up day 1 of the first annual Other Worlds Austin Science Fiction Film Festival. Bears Fonté, the founder, and crew have already captured my imagination and stand ready to enrich my life through a vast spectrum of science fiction shorts and full length feature films over the next 3 days. The level of creativity and diversity of the festival’s programming continues to astound me as does the interaction with my fellow fans.