Strange Kids Club: Interview with Khalil Sullins, Director of Sci-Fi Thriller "LISTENING"

It’s little wonder why we consider the “future” to be such a scary place. Between sentient, cyborg death machines and apocalyptic-inducing nuclear war the general consensus—at least in Hollywood—is that our species is determined to kickstart its own extinction. Now, the one place we always thought would be safe (our mind) is under attack thanks to a new film written and directed by Khalil Sullins.

Austin Chronicle: Other Worlds Austin Hears The Quiet Hour

"There's a strong tradition of British end-of-the-world stories, like Day of the Triffids and The Day the Earth Caught Fire. However, for her doom-laden film The Quiet Hour, writer/director Stéphanie Joalland found her influence in a more low-key apocalypse: The Birds."

Gotcha Movies: Zack Imbrogno and Maxxe Sternbraum Talk Apt. 3D

This weekend at the Other Worlds Austin Sci-fi Film Festival director Zack Imbrogno and actress Maxxe Sternbaum debuted their low-budget feature APT 3D to much success.

After their premiere, we interviewed Imbrogno and Sternbaum about the difficulties they ran into making the project and a little about their IndieGoGo campaign, which is going on until December 19.

Austin Fusion: Keep the Tradition of No-Budget Filmmaking Wierd

“I’m much more interested in what people can do with nothing than with a hundred-million dollars.” These are the words of Zack Imbrogno, co-director of the ultra low-budget sci-fi film “Apt 3D.” The film, shot in three weeks with only three principal actors in one location follows in the tradition of the low/no-budget sci-fi/horror genre. It premiered at the Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi FilmFestival this past weekend.

Nuclear Salad: APT 3D's Zack and Maxxe

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Meet APT 3D’s Zack and Maxxe

Barbara Kennedy December 8, 2014 0 Comments


Zack Imbrogno and Maxxe Sternbaum

This weekend Other Worlds Austin introduced the Central Texas city to its first science fiction film festival offering an impressive array of talent and films. In town with low budget film “APT 3D” are stars Maxxe Sternbaum and Zack Imbrogno, who also wrote and co-directed.  You should know that the title may be a tad misleading, as the 3D elicits thoughts of 3-dimensional depth.  What was the significance of the apartment’s number?  It’s probably not what you’d expect.

SF Signal: Interview with Bears Fonte

However, this December I have the honor of attending Other Worlds Austin, a film festival devoted to science fiction movies. It’s the first venue of its kind to run in the Austin area, and an overdue one, given the tightly knit science fiction community here. I got the chance to talk about the upcoming festival with Bears Fonte, its organizer, over Chicago-style hot dogs at Lucky Dogs just north of the Austin area. Bears is a writer and director, and a great science fiction enthusiast whose passion for cinema, especially science fiction cinema, spilled over during our discussion