Lights Camera Austin

Lights Camera Austin; Interview: Gaurav Seth, writer/director, ​"Prisoner X"

In writer/director Gaurav Seth’s post-9/11 sci-fi chiller Prisoner X, the arrival in 2002 of a time traveler from the future—who is intent on destroying Western culture—forces the United States to escalate its war on terror.

Lights Camera Austin; Interview: Iqbal Ahmed, writer/director, ​"The Answer"

Hebert plays Bridd; Alexis Carra plays Charlotte. Other Worlds Austin will screen The Answer at 9 p.m. May 19 at the Flix Brewhouse in Round Rock. The Answer marks the directorial debut of Iqbal Ahmed. 

Lights, Camera Austin Interview w/ Tom Hammock

Lights, Camera Austin Interview w/ Tom Hammock

On Nov 20th, Tom Hammock spoke with Robert Sims on KOOP 91.7 about his film which will open the inaugural Other Worlds Austin.  Says Sims: Set 10 years into a global drought, writer/director Tom Hammock’s The Well pits Haley Lu Richardson’s thirsty teenage survivor against Jon Gries’ ruthless water baron, who wages a campaign of violence to protect his supply.