Strange Kids Club: Interview with Khalil Sullins, Director of Sci-Fi Thriller "LISTENING"

It’s little wonder why we consider the “future” to be such a scary place. Between sentient, cyborg death machines and apocalyptic-inducing nuclear war the general consensus—at least in Hollywood—is that our species is determined to kickstart its own extinction. Now, the one place we always thought would be safe (our mind) is under attack thanks to a new film written and directed by Khalil Sullins.

Nuclear Salad: "Listening"

When Austin’s only science fiction film festival hosts a screening outside of the festival’s run, you probably want to attend it. The caliber of films at last year’s inaugural event was surprisingly strong, so expectations were high going into first-time director Khalil Sullins‘ film, “Listening.” about some geniuses who develop a mind-reading technology and the moral dilemmas and implications inherent with that type of technology.

"Nightmare Code" (Texas Premiere) Special Screening

"Nightmare Code" (Texas Premiere) Special Screening

Brett Desmond (Andrew J. West), a genius programmer with a troubled past is called in to finish a top secret behavior recognition program, R.O.P.E.R., after the previous Lead Programmer went insane. But the deeper Brett delves into the code, the more his own behavior begins to change… in increasingly terrifying ways.