Film Colossus: Interview with Sarah Adina Smith

The Midnight Swim is one of my favorite movies of 2015. Imagine my excitement, and the love for my job, when I got to spend some time with writer/director Sarah Adina Smith. Sarah grew up in Fort Collins, CO, and spent a good chunk of time at her grandma’s cottage in Okoboji, Iowa, where she filmed The Midnight Swim.

Austin Fusion: Into the Deep - The Midnight Swim

Writer/Director Sarah Adina Smith’s debut feature-film, The Midnight Swim, is a subtly unnerving psychodrama that simmers for hours after the final credits role. It places the viewer into the mind of the [hidden] protagonist and stretches the boundaries of point-of-view film making. As part of the 2015 Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival, Southwest Theatres Lake Creek 7 provided a screening of The Midnight Swim and a Q&A with its philosophical director.

Austin Chronicle: Drowning in Mystery on The Midnight Swim

What scares Sarah Adina Smith? It's not jump scares or gore. It's films like Australian metaphysical mystery Picnic at Hanging Rock, where the characters are engulfed by the wilderness. She said, "What is terrifying is the existential crisis the movie puts off."

THE MIDNIGHT SWIM Presented by Other Worlds Austin

As part of its year ‘round programming, Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is proud to announce the Austin pemiere of THE MIDNIGHT SWIM on July 9 (9:30pm) at the Southwest Theaters Lake Creek 7. Writer/director Sarah Adina Smith will be available after the screening for a Q&A.