Travis Bean

Film Colossus: Capsule

n Capsule, the apocalypse comes in the form of a dying world, where its people have been exposed to extreme amounts of radiation and electricity is no longer usable. What’s fascinating to me about this sort of “apocalypse” is that it’s one you cannot see as a viewer, cannot touch as a character. We watch several characters’ lives fall apart in various ways, and it all relates to this idea: life-changing events cause inner turmoil you cannot touch or see or walk around in…yet it surrounds us, whether we’re looking up into the sky or down into a pile of dog shit.

Film Colossus: Apt. 3D

In APT 3D, the sci-fi elements are the strange lights in the sky, the surveillance by the government, the strange figureless entities that impregnate Erin. All of this is cool, and sure, it’s interesting. But, like Inception, what’s even more fascinating is what those elements represent—what they defamiliarize. And, in APT 3D’s case, it’s defamiliarizing the things that drive couples apart, and how much work it takes to remain together.