Austin Chronicle; Enter the Domain With Other Worlds Austin

Directed by Nathaniel Atcheson (also responsible for Austin Film Festival comedy award-winner Herpes Boy), it follows seven survivors of a world-ending apocalypse. Or rather, doesn't follow them, since they're all locked in individual bunkers, sealed in until the mysterious Saharan flu abates. The only way to stay in contact is through a video link system called Domain. 

Austin Chronicle; Astraea Sees the Future

The film (which receives its Austin debut this Thursday as part of the Other Worlds Austin festival's year-round programming) focuses on two intersecting couples, months after much of the world has been wiped out by a mysterious ailment known only as "the drops." Teen Astraea (Nerea Duhart) and her half-brother Matthew (Scotty Crowe) are trekking across Maine,