OW Enters New Era

OW Enters New Era

Other Worlds Film Festival announces new branding and a new home as it enters its sixth season. Formerly Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival, the new moniker reflects Other Worlds’ natural evolution as an international brand and its broad influence with smart, independent sci-fi and horror films.


As part of its Orbiter Year-Round Series, Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is proud to present the Texas premiere of DIRECTOR’S COMMENTARY: THE TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN on Thursday, August 25 (9:00pm) at Flix Brewhouse. Co-writer/Director Tim Kirk will do a Q&A via Skype after the screening.

Austin Chronicle; New Grant at Other Worlds Austin

Indie filmmaking is a tough realm, with even a few hundred or thousand dollars making all the difference. Yesterday, the Austin Film Society announced who will be selecting winners of the AFS Filmmaker Grants: Now Other Worlds Austin is launching its own production grant, honoring one of sci-fi and horror's masters.

Call For Entries 2016

Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is open for submissions to its 2016 Features and Shorts competitions. The third year fest has established itself as one of the premier SciFi festivals in the country. OWA is firmly committed to supporting exciting filmmakers, by giving them exhibition opportunities for films that are often overlooked on the film festival circuit.

Austin Fusion: Keep the Tradition of No-Budget Filmmaking Wierd

“I’m much more interested in what people can do with nothing than with a hundred-million dollars.” These are the words of Zack Imbrogno, co-director of the ultra low-budget sci-fi film “Apt 3D.” The film, shot in three weeks with only three principal actors in one location follows in the tradition of the low/no-budget sci-fi/horror genre. It premiered at the Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi FilmFestival this past weekend.

Film Colossus: Apt. 3D

In APT 3D, the sci-fi elements are the strange lights in the sky, the surveillance by the government, the strange figureless entities that impregnate Erin. All of this is cool, and sure, it’s interesting. But, like Inception, what’s even more fascinating is what those elements represent—what they defamiliarize. And, in APT 3D’s case, it’s defamiliarizing the things that drive couples apart, and how much work it takes to remain together.

Film Colossus: Bloody Knuckles

Bloody Knuckles is an entry into the transgressive, punk film genre.  I classify it as punk because of its heavy emphasis on anti-establishment, progressive themes, and how transgressive it is.  No, none of the characters dress in the punk style, nor is there much punk rock, but Travis (Adam Boys) tells people to go fuck themselves often enough that I think he's qualifies as a punk.