Ain't It Cool News; Advance Review: World Premiering this week at Other Worlds Austin!

The claustrophobic locked room mystery takes a new and deadly level of intensity in DOMAIN, a sci fi end of the world thriller that is top notch from beginning to end.

Strange Kids Club; Other Worlds Austin’s ‘Prisoner X’ Premiere (Review)

Other Worlds Austin is at it again and they are premiering Prisoner X* next Thursday, June 23, 9:00 p.m., at Flix Brewhouse in Austin, Texas. Directed by Gaurav Seth and based on the Hugo-nominated novella “Truth” by Robert Reed, this gritty sci-fi is somewhat reminiscent of 12 Monkeys and The Jacket. It features actors Julian Richings (CUBEThe VVitch), Romano Orzari (Turbo KidAssassin’s Creed- voice of Giovanni Auditore da Firenze), and Michelle Nolden (REDHaunter).

Drive-In Zeppelin: The Midnight Swim

Despite Midnight Swim being her first feature film, Smith grasps the importance of storytelling by crafting a haunting exploration of mental illness and raw familial interaction. Her characters are rich with emotional baggage, and the only thing that will likely cut through the film’s thick tension is Ms. Smith’s wit.

Drive-in Zeppelin: Call Girl of Cthulhu

At any rate there is one such story like this that may lead to the revival of low-budget Indie Horror-Comedies. Last night, I was able to attend a very special screening and the Texas premiere of Call Girl of Cthulhu as presented by my friends over at Other Worlds Austin and Blood Over Texas. As always, Bears Fonte and Co. satisfied my lust for otherworldly erotica and Lovecraftian Horror with this tentacle-filled gore fest.