Ain't It Cool News; Muldoon Chats With PRISONER X Director Gaurav Seth!

As the film is making the festival rounds, there's a special screening in Austin this Thursday as part of Other Worlds Austin's year long spotlight. It's creepy and features Julian Richings chewing all sorts of scenery.

Film Colossus: Interview with Sarah Adina Smith

The Midnight Swim is one of my favorite movies of 2015. Imagine my excitement, and the love for my job, when I got to spend some time with writer/director Sarah Adina Smith. Sarah grew up in Fort Collins, CO, and spent a good chunk of time at her grandma’s cottage in Okoboji, Iowa, where she filmed The Midnight Swim.

Austin Fusion: Into the Deep - The Midnight Swim

Writer/Director Sarah Adina Smith’s debut feature-film, The Midnight Swim, is a subtly unnerving psychodrama that simmers for hours after the final credits role. It places the viewer into the mind of the [hidden] protagonist and stretches the boundaries of point-of-view film making. As part of the 2015 Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival, Southwest Theatres Lake Creek 7 provided a screening of The Midnight Swim and a Q&A with its philosophical director.

Austin Chronicle: Other Worlds Austin Hears The Quiet Hour

"There's a strong tradition of British end-of-the-world stories, like Day of the Triffids and The Day the Earth Caught Fire. However, for her doom-laden film The Quiet Hour, writer/director Stéphanie Joalland found her influence in a more low-key apocalypse: The Birds."

Drive-in Zeppelin: Call Girl of Cthulhu

At any rate there is one such story like this that may lead to the revival of low-budget Indie Horror-Comedies. Last night, I was able to attend a very special screening and the Texas premiere of Call Girl of Cthulhu as presented by my friends over at Other Worlds Austin and Blood Over Texas. As always, Bears Fonte and Co. satisfied my lust for otherworldly erotica and Lovecraftian Horror with this tentacle-filled gore fest.

Blood Over Texas: Cthulhu Gets It On

Where does a ancient deity go to get a date nowadays? eHarmony, OurTime, Nope, he goes straight to his dedicated cult followers to hook him up with a human female to get his freak on and create world-ending spawn. Everyone deserves love right? Even if you’re an evil being that is part giant human, part octopus, and part dragon who likes to go for long swims in the ocean and a fine Chardonnay.

Dispatch from Mission Control: Coming to a Galaxy in Austin Again

Dispatch from Mission Control: Coming to a Galaxy in Austin Again

After an illustrious inaugural year, Other Worlds Austin will return in December 2015, bringing the best in SciFi from around the world to Austin, TX. We can’t tell you much about this year, but we can tell you that if you want the cheapest possible price on badges, make sure you are on our badge interest list for 2015.

Blood Over Texas: OWA Brings you 'Dead Within'

Check out the U.S. premiere screening of Dead Within this Thursday, Sept. 4th at the Alamo Drafthouse, Village location. This psychological horror, post-apocalyptic movie is bound to get you squirming in your seat. Coming right at you from London’s Fright Fest, this will be your first chance to see it here, in our very own hometown, up on the big screen. The Director Ben Wagner, both leads, Dean Chekvala and Amy Cale Peterson, and some of the movie crew will be at the screening for your Q & A pleasure.