2017 Screenwriting Contest Open For Submissions

2017 Screenwriting Contest Open For Submissions

Other Worlds Austin—dedicated to fostering and promoting creativity in Science Fiction at every stage of development—is proud to announce that its annual SciFi Screenwriting Contest is now open and accepting submissions. The contest runs concurrently with the film program, and will award prizes for the top feature, short or teleplay.


"What was amazing about every single script,” says Reid Lansford, Programmer and Director of Registration, “was the sheer scope of imagination and wonder in each one. If these are even just a small sample of the future of SciFi screenwriting, we're in for a bright future."

Slackerwood: Andrew Olson, 'Blackout'


An online cast and crew call for Blackout decribed the Austin-shot short as "Mad Max meets Pitch Black." It takes place in the future, where a survivor in the fight against the monstrous Reapers comes face-to-face with them. 

Olson, a University of Texas at Austin alumnus, said Blackout, still on the festival circuit, was created to help promote a future fundraising campaign for a "feature or episodic version" of the short.

Slackerwood: Other Worlds Austin 2014 Science-Fiction Shorts

The Other Worlds Austin Cthulhu-like logo sold me instantly. It brought back many memories, like when I first heard about H.P. Lovecraft, author of the short story "The Call of Cthulhu." ... This "passage to the unknown" lines up well with the short movies I saw at OWA for its second shorts program (aptly titled "Passage to the Unknown"). One short even almost made me cry.