Austin Chronicle; Unlocking the Secrets of Prisoner X

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself," as FDR said. When writer/director Gaurav Seth adapted post-9/11 sci-fi story “Truth” into his sci-fi thriller Prisoner X, he said, his purpose was “to understand this psychology of paranoia, and how dangerous it is, and how easy it is to exploit.” Seth’s movie receives its Austin premiere this week as part of the Other Worlds Austin sci-fi film festival’s year-round programming.

Lights Camera Austin; Interview: Gaurav Seth, writer/director, ​"Prisoner X"

In writer/director Gaurav Seth’s post-9/11 sci-fi chiller Prisoner X, the arrival in 2002 of a time traveler from the future—who is intent on destroying Western culture—forces the United States to escalate its war on terror.

Other Worlds Austin Presents PRISONER X, an Austin Premiere

Other Worlds Austin Presents PRISONER X, an Austin Premiere

As part of its year ‘round Premiere Series, Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is proud to present the Austin premiere of PRISONER X on June 23 (9:00pm) at Flix Brewhouse. Writer/Director Gaurav Seth will be in attendance and will do a Q&A after the screening.