omg, i'm a robot?!, dirs. Tal goldberg & gal zelezniak

Technology with Unacknowledged Consequences

Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak | Israel | 75 min

Writers: Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak
Cast: Yotam Ishay, Hili Yalon, Tzahi Grad & Rob Schneider

Danny’s girlfriend Noa leaves him because he is “not manly enough.” Sad and lonely, he slits his wrists only to discover he is not a man at all, he is a robot - an indestructible war machine. Moreover, his girlfriend did not leave him - she was kidnapped by a mysterious organization searching for war machine like Danny. With the help of Goldschmidt, his overly macho boss, and Robo-Joseph, a small Jewish R2D2-like robot with a lot of "hutzpah," he goes out on a journey to save his girl and also figure out why exactly is he a robot?! Living in a country full of conflict, the directors of the film play at pure escapism, but end up making a film­ that is stealthily deep. With war and death a daily commodity, how does one live as a pacifist? And can one remain true to themselves when they find out they don’t even know they are? OMG, I’M A ROBOT?! is a film about remaking yourself, or rather reprogramming yourself, to face the expectations of another person.

Tal Goldberg has enjoyed a long career as a scriptwriter for international TV stations, YouTube channels and videogames. Gal Zelezniak created the Offscreen web series. Omg, I'm a Robot is the feature debut for both of them.


Full film: Not available yet.