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2015 Other Worlds Austin Festival

BOY 7 | Özgür Yildirim | Germany | 110 min
An adaptation of a best-selling young adult novel, Boy 7 is an adrenaline dash through a dystopian society where juvenile delinquents are recruited by the government for their particular ‘skills.’ 

LEGACY | Josh Mawer | Australia | 14 min
REPLIKA | Luc Walpoth | Switzerland | 26 min
THE PIG CHILD | Lucy Campbell | UK | 17 min
ARTIFITIAL | David Pérez Sañudo | Spain | 20 min
IRIS | Richard Karpala | USA | 11 min

CURTAIN | Jaron Henrie-McCrea | USA | 73 min
When Danni's shower curtain keeps disappearing through a mysterious portal in her bathroom, she enlists the help of her Save-the-Whales co-worker and dives into the unknown.

RECONNOITER | Neil Rowe | USA | 80 min
When a mission to explore the nearest habitable planet goes awry, the pilot crashes on the planet, finding a world mysteriously devoid of life... but filled with dangerous robots ready to eliminate the alien interloper.

HAPPY FUN ROOM | Greg Pak | USA | 14 min
FRAGMENT | Noah Griffith | USA | 10 min
THE TAKER | Maximillian Stenstrom | USA | 15 min
VIV 1.0 or THEY MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN | Scarlet Moreno | USA | 9 min
YO SOY PEDRO | Jordan Inconstant | France | 11 min
PACT | Zach Endres | USA | 8 min
ADEN | Gary H. Lee | USA | 11 min

NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT | Mark Sawers | Canada | 80 min
An alternate history deadpan mockumentary following 37-year-old Andrew Myers, the youngest man still alive.
Plays with: ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE | Bears Fonté | USA | 7 min

PROJET-M | Eric Piccoli | Canada | 98 min
Four astronauts face unforeseen crises when a war breaks out on Earth below. Arguing whether to break off their mission or what to do about the loss of communication from headquarters, the team finds themselves more alone than they could have prepared for. 

OTHER HALVES | Matthew T. Price | USA | 87 min
On the night before its launch, a revolutionary dating app may have a few glitches – namely causing the user to lose all self-control and become an amoral, lascivious, violent follower of their most immediate urges.

T.I.M. The Incredible Machine | Rolf van Eijk | Netherlands | 82 min
Eleven-year-old Tibor has only one friend: his ancient house robot T.I.M. When his dad decides to replace the robot, Tibor saves his buddy from demolition.

VINTAGE TOMORROWS | Byrd McDonald | USA | 67 min
Examining the explosive growth of Steampunk, its origins, its cultural significance, and some of the makers and thinkers behind it, this doc shines a directional lantern on the playful visions of yesteryear.

JACKRABBIT | Carleton Ranney | USA | 100 min
When a friend’s suicide leaves behind a mysterious computer drive, two hackers must work together to decipher his final message in the dystopian not-too-distant future.

HOUSE OF TIME | Jonathan Helpert | France | 86 min
Robert has uncovered secret Nazi scientific research on time travel. He tells his guests he has taken them seventy years back in time, to 1944. Although the house and everything inside seem the same, they question if Robert may just be telling the truth.
Plays with: TRAVELER | Simon Brown | USA | 5 min

ON/OFF | Thierry Lorenzi | France | 13 min
THE BLOOD OF LOVE | Jeff Meyers | USA | 19 min
REMOTE VIEWING | Kristen Anderson-Sauve | Canada | 10 min
STARLIGHT | Andrew Salerno | USA | 10 min
TRANSFERENCE | Matthew Ninaber | Canada | 9 min
THE TRAP | Dick Grunert | USA | 6 min
THE SURFACE | Willem Kampenhout | USA | 20 min

EMBERS | Claire Carré | USA | 86 min
In the wake of a global neurological epidemic, those who remain search for meaning and connection in a world without memory. Five interwoven stories explore life without recollection in a future that has no past. *WINNER OF THE MARY SHELLEY AWARD

POLDER | Julian M. Grünthal, Samuel Schwarz | Switzerland | 95 min
Gaming company NEUROO-X is set to release a new gadget which promises to scan the most secret longings of gamers and transform them into fantastic adventures. When Marcus, its Chief Development Manager, mysteriously dies before its completion, his lover Ryuko searches inside the game for clues.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB | Kyle Rankin | USA | 86 min
Thirty-something single gal Deb holds a terrible track record with men until she wakes up in the apartment of the most attractive man she’s ever seen. Unfortunately there is a zombie apocalypse happening outside.