About Feedback

Written feedback will be provided to every entrant of the competition, if desired, which we believe is the least a screenwriting competition can do to certify your script was read with precision and professional concern. 

  • Feedback will be in the form of a scored, seven criteria breakdown with one to two sentences provided in each heading.  Please note, this feedback is part of the judging process and is not necessarily written with the writer in mind.  Your entry fee pays for the logistics of the competition.  The feedback is provided to you as a bonus.
  • Writers will not be able to contact the judges or ‘argue’ against their feedback.
  • Scripts may receive overwhelmingly positive feedback and yet still not place in the competition, this usually means the script was eliminated in later rounds of the competition.  Additional feedback may be provided to the writer, by a second judge, and this feedback may be shorter than the primary feedback, although this is not guaranteed.  The Competition reserves the right to provide only the initial judge’s feedback.
  • The primary purpose of the competition is to identify and celebrate the top scripts in each category, not to be a source for script notes.  We do not offer ‘upper levels’ of judge’s notes for higher fees.  If looking for more detailed feedback, we highly suggest seeking out a respected script consultant, such as our Competition Sponsor, Save the Cat!®