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SCI-FI LONDON 48 Hour Challenge - 7:30pm May 22nd


Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is proud to present the US PREMIERE of films made for the annual Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge, (Wednesday, May 22 - 7:30PM at the Sterling Events Center)! Tickets are $12. THIS YEAR, OWA Founder and Artistic Director Bears Rebecca Fonte has the great honor of serving on the jury of the 48 Hour Challenge. On May 22, Bears will fly back from London and give the films their US theatrical Premiere, just one night after they make their World Premiere, and coinciding with Closing Night of Sci-Fi London. OWA Marketing Director referred to this as pulling a Phil Collins, if you understand that reference you know that old age is in the air tonight. In addition to this year's competitors, the OWA Orbiter screening will feature some past winners selected by Sci-Fi London Founder Louis Savy.

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Soul to Keep, Dir. David Allensworth & Moniere

Soul to Keep

(TX Premiere)

Toying with Rituals

D: David Allensworth & Moniere | USA | 94 min

Dec 8th, 10:15pm (Beta)

Writers: David Allensworth, Eric Bram

Cast: Aurora Heimbach, Sandra Mae Frank, Conor McKenna

A group of friends travel to an old country house to party. After exploring the old house they find a room in the basement and decide to host a séance. Enter Beelzebub and his hunger for human souls.