The Dead Center, Dir. Billy Senese

Centerpiece Film

The Dead Center
(Texas Premiere)

Psychological Horror

D: Billy Senese | USA | 93 min

Dec 8th, 7:00pm (Alpha)

Writer: Billy Senese

Cast: Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan, Jeremy Childs

A good-hearted hospital psychiatrist risks his job by treating an amnesiac patient who just wandered into the psyche ward after waking up in the morgue. The doctor must decide if the evil that lives inside the man’s head is a threat to himself or other people. A suspenseful, eerily vague, and terrifyingly original twist on the psychological trauma trope, the film stars producer/Texas son/indie SciFi auteur Shane Carruth.

Billy Senese, an independent director, producer, and writer hailing from Nashville, made his debut with CLOSER TO GOD, also starring Jeremy Childs. After winning “Best Screenplay” honors at Fantasia International Film Festival, CLOSER TO GOD had a limited theatrical release, and international distribution in 2015. He has written, directed, and produced several films and audio plays.