the unseen, dir. geoff redknap

Paranormal Abilities

Geoff Redknap | Canada | 97 min

Writer: Geoff Redknap
Cast: Aden Young, Camille Sullivan, Ben Cotton & Julia Sarah Stone 

Bob Langmore, an ex-hockey pro, lives like a shadow, a loner in tiny mill town far from the family life he abandoned. When he finally reconnects with his rebellious daughter, he chances her discovering his secret, that he is literally disappearing, his flesh vanishing in chunks right before his eyes. When she goes missing, he must risk everything to find her, before he is gone for good. Featuring a stellar ensemble of TV stars (Aden Young—RECIFY, Camille Sullivan—THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, Julie Sarah Stone—THE KILLING), THE UNSEEN offers a fresh take on the overwrought superhero origin story. 

Geoff Redknap, before turning to writing and directing, spent years working in the makeup and special effects departments of features such as DEADPOOL, WATCHMEN, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS and both the FINAL DESTINATION and X-MEN series, as well as TV shows such as THE X-FILES and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. His short, THE AUBURN HILLS BREAKFOWN played at festivals worldwide. This is his first feature. 


Full film: Not available yet.