Time Lapse, dir. Bradley King

Three roommates discover their scientist neighbor dead, leaving behind a mysterious camera that takes pictures of the future.  The world of Callie, Finn, and Jasper is shaken at this discovery. Together, they plan to exploit the machine: for money, personal success, and love. But soon other players get involved and the situation reaches a breaking point. By obsessing over the future and their seemingly innocent hopes and dreams, their relationships unravel, and the trio descends into a dark future where none of them may survive unscathed.

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2669336

Full film: Available on Netflix, DVD & Bluray.


Three friends discover a machine that takes pictures 24hrs into the future and conspire to use it for personal gain, until disturbing and dangerous images begin to develop. 



In a sleepy apartment building, three twenty-somethings live and love. Callie plays den mother to her two wayward roommates. Finn, apartment manager and struggling painter, is dragging his feet on proposing to her after years of dating. Jasper, refusing to grow out of his college party mentality, tends bar and compulsively gambles.

Their quiet world is shaken when they find their elderly scientist neighbor dead. In his apartment he has left a mysterious camera that takes pictures of the future. Aimed into the roommates' apartment, it shows regular glimpses of their life 24 hours in advance.

Their initial plan is to leave the body hidden and exploit the machine. Jasper utilizes it to foresee race results each day, racking up winnings. With the cash windfall, Callie is able to quit her waitress job and focus on writing. Finn's creative block is lifted through seeing his artwork ahead of time, and becomes prolific.

It doesn't take long before disturbing images of the future begin to arrive. A tense love-triangle emerges between the three, and Jasper's bookie begins sniffing around at all the successful betting. When a picture shows what looks like a warning from the future, they are forced to prepare for the worst. Jasper hides weapons around the house and the deaths start happening.

As the bodies pile up, Jasper becomes more paranoid and unhinged, a wedge gets driven between Callie and Finn. By obsessing on the future and their seemingly innocent hopes and dreams, the relationships unravel, and the trio descends into a dark future where none of them may survive unscathed.




Writer/Director Bradley King

Hailing from Los Alamos, New Mexico, Bradley studied animation at the Colorado Institute of Art and then attended the Colorado Film School where he won several student awards for his short films. After moving to Los Angeles, he wrote and directed short films while writing feature spec scripts.

Producer / Writer BP Cooper

Born in Denver, Colorado, Cooper moved to L.A. and co-founded music video production company Symbolic Entertainment. He produced music videos for acts ranging from debut albums to international multi-platinum recording artists.  In the commercial field, Cooper has produced national TV campaigns for CAVIAR LA, with such clients as Microsoft, Nike, Verizon, Infiniti, VW, Lexus, AT&T, HTC and Electronic Arts. Developing and managing budgets and productions well into the multi-million dollar range, his work in this field has won numerous industry awards from around the globe.  In feature films, he has conjointly produced Sundance Film Festival hit SPECIAL with Michael Rapaport,and the indie mystery FLOURISH with Leighton Meester & Jennifer Morrison. He also produced the independent film 10 YEARS LATER, and Executive Produced CEMENT SUITCASE, which was recently acquired for worldwide distribution after a successful multiple awarded-winning festival run. 



I have always wanted to combine a sci-fi element with the close-walled suspense, voyeurism and character triangle/betrayals of neo-noir.

My favorite science fiction gives a cautionary glimpse at an aspect of human nature through the lens of futuristic technology.

TIME LAPSE is in this tradition, exploring our human urge to fixate on the future and the sometimes joyful, sometimes disastrous results.

This is my first feature film, and I’m proud to say it’s fully independent on every level. I hope you enjoy it and feel a little bit mind-fucked when it’s all over.

                                                                                                       --Bradley King - Director / Co-Writer