virtual revolution, dir. guy-roger duvert

Cyberpunk Noir

Guy-Roger Duvert | France | 92 min

Writer: Guy-Roger Duvert
Cast: Mike Dopud, Jane Badler, & Jochen Hägele

Paris 2047: Half of the population is now permanently online, living their lives in a variety of game worlds, and leaving the reality behind.  Private Investigator/Assassin-for-hire Nash finds himself employed by one of the corporation that builds these virtual worlds to track down a group of terrorists who are killing the players (for real) from inside the game. When he infiltrates the terror cell, he finds that the lines between innocent and guilty are far blurrier and maybe the entire ‘game’ is rigged against the human population.  Cut from the same DNA as BLADE RUNNER, Duvert’s film explodes with ideas, mostly about how we lose ourselves in our devices.  The terrorists in VIRTUAL REVOLUTION are like most radicals, convinced of their own nobility and willing to do whatever they find necessary to achieve their ends.  The corporations should also be recognizable as the pursuit of profit has always curbed the law somewhat, if only the moral one. Revolution is never simple.

Guy-Roger Duvert has been working as a successful film composer in Hollywood for several years, scoring several feature films and blockbusters trailers (Transformers 3, Green Lantern, Prometheus). His fantasy short Cassandra played 82 festivals and garnered 47 awards.


Full film: Not available yet.